Things To Do

Various Attractions near to see

Things To Do

Various Attractions near to see

Nagaon Beach

Nagaon is a beach town on the shores of the Arabian Sea, in the North Konkan region of Maharashtra, India. It is located 9 km from Alibag and 114 km from Mumbai. Nagaon beach is popular mainly because of its cleanliness, water sport activities.
The beach is around 3 km long.(Distance-1km)

Murud Janjira

Murud Janjira is a local name of a fprt situated on island just off the coastal village of Murud. The word JANJIRA is not the native of india and may have originated after Arabic word JAZEERA which means island.
The name of fort is the combination of Konkani and Arabic word of island ."MOROD"and "JAZEERA".(Distance-48km)

Khanderi Underi Fort

Khanderi along with its sister fort Underi(Jaidurg) formed the major fortification along the Maharashtra coast,the former falling under Shivaji's control and the latter under his opponents the Siddi's.

These island of Kahanderi and Underi served as one of the landmarks for ships entering Mumbai Harbour.
The fort is via Alibaug-Revdanda road.(Distance-14km)

Birla Temple

Roha route near the Salav village is the beautiful 'Birla Mandir'. Ganesha is the main diety of the temple with ‘Riddhi and Siddhi’ on its either sides. There are small temples of ‘Radha-Krishna’, ‘Shiv-Parvati’ and ‘Suryadeva’ also in the Birla mandir.

Aarti at Birla temple is at 9.00 am and 7.00 pm everyday.(Distance-13km)

Kolaba Fort

Kolaba Fort is one of the fort captured by Shivaji Maharaj. Kolaba Fort became the centre of the Maratha attacks on British Ships.

An interesting feature of this fort is that it has Freshwater well in its premises even though it is a Seaside fort. There is Dargah of Haji Kamaluddin Shah and Temple of Shree Siddhivinayak inside the fort. (Distance-7km)

Kankeshwar Temple

Kankeshwar is a old temple of Lord Shiva. It is a Hoysala type of structure. The temple is situated on a small hill and one has to climb 700-750 steps to reach the temple.

In the mid of the hill one can see "Nagobacha Tappa"(a place of snakes)and the famous step called "Devachi Payari" It is said GOD himself stepped here after the construction of the temple and the steps.(Distance -22km)

Kashid Beach

Kashid is a beach town on the shores of the Arabian Sea in the Konkan of Maharashtra. Kashid is popular mainly because of its White Sand, Blues Sea,Green Mountains. Kashid has 3km stretch of beach tucked in between two Hillocks with Casuarina groves all along the Seashores. The waves here are usually high and can be a Paradise for Surfing.

The waves can reach a height of 5-6feet. However they are dangerously high during mansoon. Recommended not to go Deep inside the Sea in any seasons.(Distance-24km)